Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woh Ladki..

Well two things might have happened. Either noone is dying to know who the hell this 'Woh Ladki' is or there is some really jealous competitor of ours who has been messing around with our curious fan-mails that talk about how our fans impatiently wait to know who 'woh ladki' is more than Harry Potter fans waited for Deathly Hallows. Come to think of it, neither Swati (now blogging, however blogged only once co-authoress) nor I got any fan-mails!! I would like to believe that the latter is more likely and hence I would like to request all the engineers of the world to pool in their brains to defeat this enemy, save our super awesome blog and bring harmony and peace to this world.

Okay now I should better shut up and take the case of Woh ladki. Oh sorry! Did I just say 'take the case' ? Oh no no no.. I would never ever do that. How could I? Come on. I can't even take the case of Swati (the one time blog wonder). Its so evident in each and every blog. So with woh ladki, it could never happen. Now, I must say that if you are an avid fan and a close follower, you will already have cracked the code of Woh Ladki. But not to worry if you haven't coz today I am gonna tell you about her.

I have a very good friend who is also a BPT. But sometimes she likes being a PKT. So once she went to this pub place in Bangalore. Its a very famous one and she likes it. You might have heard of it if you are a PKT of Bangalore. Its Parrpall Haze. This friend of mine went to Parrpall Haze with some of her other friends. She got a little too drunk and ended up doing something which was a little embarassing. What did she do? Hey buzz off.. I am not tellin ya. I don't want to get killed. Unlike Melman in Madagascar II I have more than two days to live. So she was sitting and chatting with me the next day at this place near Chandu's which is shut down now [RIP the adda].

Girl: ...So this is what happened.

Me: (out loud) what!! you got drunk and hugged your friend's friend!? And you kept calling him up when you came back? Do you even remember or someone told this to you?

Girl: Richa there are so many people here and everyone is looking at us. Please don't keep saying you you you you loudly. I did not okay. It was Woh ladki. Woh ladki got drunk. I did not do anything.

Me: Shit I am sorry. Ok.

And from then on whenever something happened it was Woh Ladki who did everything. My friend just happened to know everytime. So this is how she started telling me the stories starting with the phrase 'Richa tumhein pata hai kal woh ladki ne kya kiya......'

Well this was all about Woh ladki. What? Name? Are you crazy? This time I really don't want to get killed...

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